Class is in Session



Class is in Session



As the principal, an advisor, or teacher of your school you've gone along with the classic awkward smile for school pictures and hoped that everyone would purchase a yearbook.  But now, you can be part of the changing tide that embraces the uniqueness of each and every student.  There was only option.


 it's Time For a Change

School pictures have been so cookie cutter for so long.  The things that these students are doing are incredible, and it's time we celebrate that.  Not only are we proud of them, but we want them to be proud of themselves. We're going to go from one simple picture, to two beautiful and unique portraits.

SSHS Profile 2017-18-132.jpg

what it was, and what it will be.

Now don't think we're getting rid of the classic headshot all together.  I understand the importance of a traditional headshot.  We need them for I.D. Cards, programs, and other various reasons.  We'll keep them, but we'll make them look good, and in doing so will improve your schools image.  

SSHS Yearbook 2017-18-73.jpg
SSHS Yearbook 2017-18-183.jpg
SSHS Yearbook 2017-18-179.jpg
SSHS Yearbook 2017-18-102.jpg
SSHS Yearbook 2017-18-278.jpg

No longer will your student look like a deer standing in the headlights.  By getting a slight laugh out of each student we'll see more than a forced and awkward smile.  We'll see your students at their finest.




SSHS Profile 2017-18-203.jpg


This is where we bring in the new.  Exceeding expectations, enhancing lives, and creating self-awareness.  Finally, for the first time ever, it is more okay to be exactly who you are!  The world expects us to use our talents to improve it, and that's exactly what we're going to do.  We used to have to fall in line and be what everyone else wanted us to be, but now it's time to recognize who we are, and celebrate just that!

 This movement lets kids and teens show, and even find out, who they really are. My goal is to help them recognize how their uniqueness adds to the beauty of the world!  I want to break the stereotypes of popularity, who's pretty, and who's cool.  Let's get rid of self-esteem - high or low, and create self-awareness, which has no rating.  It's recognizing who you are, and really seeing your potential for what it is.  

Let me tell you a story...

When I first started doing this, it was difficult.  Trying to take two hundred student's pictures a day for several days in a row can be challenging.  Some students bring in some of the most peculiar objects as their props and I find myself thinking "how in the world am I going to make this look cool?"  For example...

SSHS Profile 2017-18-152.jpg
SSHS Profile 2017-18-162.jpg

But we do!  We find a way to use that object to take a picture of them and how unique they are!  But there was one student in particular that I will never forget.  She constantly reminds me exactly why I do what I do.

          As she was waiting in line I was watching her (as I do all the students) to gage her personality, so that when her turn came up I would have an idea on how best to take her picture to display her personality.  She was a timid, petite little girl.  Maybe a sophomore in high school.  When she approached me, I noticed she didn't have a prop for her picture.  I asked her if she had anything, and she timidly answered with a soft "No".  As a professional photography I knew we could simply do a beautifying lighting technique to complement he facial bone structure.  It would bring out her cheek bones, highlight her hair, and really make her eyes pop.  She would look confident, radiant - exactly who she was meant to be.  I knew this, but she did not.  

        As I was explaining that I wanted to try the lighting technique, I noticed her look over at her shoulder at another group of girls that were giggling and whispering about her.  And then I understood why she was hesitant,  she had convinced herself that she wasn’t
good enough to feel pretty.  Photography is about capturing someone at their best, not feeling their worst. Realizing that
the group was part of the reason she was reluctant, I respectfully asked the group of girls to go to the other side of the backdrop where eye contact between them and the new little model in the making were no longer possible.  I slowed down, positioned my lights just right, posed the girl, and took the photo.

        It took only one attempt to get exactly what I wanted.  I told the girl to come see her picture on the back of my camera.  As she walked over I had a hopeful feeling that maybe, just maybe, I could help this her forget the teasing remarks that had just happened.

        It wasn't until she looked back up at me that I could see the joy in her face.  She was smiling from ear to ear, and THAT was exactly what I was trying to show her.  Just how pretty she really was.  As she ran off (and she really did run due to excitement) there was a slight skip.  

        I knew that I had accomplished what I had set out to do.  Break the stereotype, show her that she IS one of the pretty girls, and create self-awareness.  Even if those other girls continued to tell her she wasn't pretty, she now had a picture to remind her that it ins't true.  Sometimes it just takes a little reminding that whoever you are, that's something worth celebrating.



Not too differently from what we're already used to.  Prior to picture day the school will receive posters, reminder flyers, and order forms for the students.  Every student will have a head shot taken regardless if they pay for a package or not.  This will be for the school's use.   However,only the students who purchase a package will have a profile picture taken.  After pictures have been taken I will take them home, edit the images, and send an online gallery to each student who purchased a package.  In that gallery they can download their pictures to any device they want, share the images with whomever they want, and even order prints directly through me, or anyone else they want to!  A couple days later I will deliver prints to the school.  Every package included one 8x10, and two 5x7 prints.  You can purchase more by selecting what you would like on your order form, or by ordering more through your online gallery.

ummm, what should I bring?

Anything that your school will let you!  Pets, motorcycles, athletic gear, sheet music, stuffed animals, chemistry equipment, your favorite book, Harry Potter wand, or even your favorite light saber!  The point is I want to capture you and what makes you who you are.  If you have questions, ask a teacher, or you can contact me directly!


Alice Peterson-2.jpg

The Final Product

Every student that purchases a package will receive a couple things.  First, a digital download of all their images.  This way they can download the images, print the images, and use them however they want.  Second, they will get three prints.  One 8x10, and two 5x7's.  All three prints must be the same picture of the student's choice.  They are able to purchase more by filling out the order form provided to them, or they can order more from their online gallery they will receive.  Two poses, two pictures, digital downloads, and three prints!  All for just $35.00.  If you'd like more information, click the button down below!  It'll take you to my "Contact Me" page where you can send an email, call, or text me anytime.

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